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Has this ingition switch bracket been drilled and tapped on the wrong side? Switch doesn't fit!

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Bought a ignition switch relocation bracket but the switch doesn't fit, it's as if the holes for the switch were drilled and tapped on the wrong side of the sheet of aluminium before anodising.
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I have managed to get my ignition switch working by removing what was left if the spring loaded cover that protects the key hole when the key isn't present and soldering the wires back on the switch, rather than having to plug in the hotwired connector when I want to switch the bike on. It won't turn to the P position and the back cover was smashed off as well but it will do for now but I will need a replacement, preferably before I put the bike on the road.

I'm sill looking for a replacement switch, even one that doesn't work electrically, as long as it's complete and the lock part works.
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Mine is just like that, but the holes were already drilled and tapped, no need for longer screws. On the bright side, if you get another lock it does not need to be key matched to anything else.

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