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harleys everywhere

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been seeing a lot of harleys on the road lately. Read somewhere their sales have skyrocketed and its mostly cashed up middleaged men buying. Not bad bikes but I don't understand why they remove or modify their exhausts to make them sound the way they do. Nice bikes to look at but not to listen to.

Its the quality of sound and not the quantity :-D that matters....

the sound a triple engine makes on the way to the redline.....spine tingling and hair raising.

or a modified ZX9R
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My brother has a 2001 Night Train that has Vance and Hines shorty pipes on it and it sounds great! It has a very nice almost Flowmaster sound and isn't too loud. He hates it though, you can't rattle people's windows five miles away. The more obnoxious it is the better in his eyes, especially when blasting around town bar to bar half drunk at 1:00am. He tells me it's a kind of cool I will never understand. I have no problem with Harleys I just hate when people take their pride in their bikes too far. Going out and buying a bike that ANYONE can buy does not elevate you to god-like status no matter how much leather you buy. The funny thing is I've propably ridden more Harleys than any other bike (and I have had a good bit of bikes) because everyone thinks I will be converted after riding it and will go and buy one. I ride everything I can get my hands on because I might find something else I never knew I liked. A bike is a bike I'll ride them all. Except yellow ones if I can help it.
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Yes i am going to say it,i have owned a Harley before.I sold it about ten years ago and haven't looked back.I got sick of all the wankerism that came along with it,and guess what,when i bought my first jappa none of my supposed friends wanted to go riding with me anymore,always had some excuse.One blokoe even came for a ride and kept his distance about a k behind so i would slow down,same distance kept,so i slowed down again until i was only doing 60 km/h,guess what same distance.Now that to me is not what owning a motorcycle is about,that was about image,can't be seen riding with a jappa.There is obviously some decent people that ride Harleys without attitude,as there is obviously some people that ride all bikes without attitude.Crazy old world it is. :hammer:
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For some very articulate Harley bashing, I love this site by a guy with a very obvious chip on his shoulder. It's an extremely amusing read.

Black Echo's American Angst: Making fun of flag slathered retards and trend ***** fashion lemmings since 1993'

See especially "Why a Harley Davidson isn't a Real American Motorcycle."

I don't necessarily agree with the guy, but it's always fun to watch someone try to work the burr outta their saddle.

(ed. note: Gee, the filter will allow ****, but ***s out "hummping?"

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My dad told convinced my stepmom that the vance and hines one off engine back system and the 6k in extra chrome were necessary "safety equipment" on his Road King Classic. :-D
Boy, you are gone for a day around here and it breaks loose........

The biggest problem with the world is there are adam henrys in all walks of life. Certain walks just seem to be noticed more I guess. I personally am in the boat that I like all motorcycles. I've only met a few I didn't care for. As you can see by my list I've owned, Harley's, Honda's, Suzuki's, Kawasaki's and Triumph. They have all treated me well.

I think there is just a stigmatism out there about people who ride certain bikes and most of the populous just goes with that. I've found great people riding just baout everything and I found people I can't stand riding just about everything. Went for a ride last Saturday. 3 Harley Baggers, 1 Yamaha FJR 1300, 1 Honda RC51, 1 Honda St and 1 Honda Goldwing and me on the S3. We had a great time. BTW that Yamaha can move out on 6th gear roll-ons (Wow). The best part is everyone was checking each others rides out.

I would have to agree that HD has the best service and network available to their customers. Owning two there service was bar-none way better then the Triumph dealerships I have dealt with. I think part of that comes from the Triumph dealerships dealing with multiple manufactures where HD only has their stuff and the Buells. Not sure if that should make a difference but maybe it does. One of the shops here also sell the Ducs and seem to be much more interested in the Ducs then Triumph.

I'll get off my soap box now. To close Motorcycles are cool and can't we all just get along even with the ol cheapster and his yella fella..... :)
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