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harleys everywhere

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been seeing a lot of harleys on the road lately. Read somewhere their sales have skyrocketed and its mostly cashed up middleaged men buying. Not bad bikes but I don't understand why they remove or modify their exhausts to make them sound the way they do. Nice bikes to look at but not to listen to.

Its the quality of sound and not the quantity :-D that matters....

the sound a triple engine makes on the way to the redline.....spine tingling and hair raising.

or a modified ZX9R
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So, this is Cheap's next bike?

I've gotten the whole spectrum from Harley riders who want to fight about it to Harley riders who love all kinds of bikes. There are arseholes who ride Harleys. Probably some who ride Triumphs, too. And each make has its share of good people.

Of course, all BMW riders are friendly, courteous folks Can't help that. :-D
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For some very articulate Harley bashing, I love this site by a guy with a very obvious chip on his shoulder. It's an extremely amusing read.

Black Echo's American Angst: Making fun of flag slathered retards and trend ***** fashion lemmings since 1993'

See especially "Why a Harley Davidson isn't a Real American Motorcycle."

I don't necessarily agree with the guy, but it's always fun to watch someone try to work the burr outta their saddle.

(ed. note: Gee, the filter will allow ****, but ***s out "hummping?"

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