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harleys everywhere

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been seeing a lot of harleys on the road lately. Read somewhere their sales have skyrocketed and its mostly cashed up middleaged men buying. Not bad bikes but I don't understand why they remove or modify their exhausts to make them sound the way they do. Nice bikes to look at but not to listen to.

Its the quality of sound and not the quantity :-D that matters....

the sound a triple engine makes on the way to the redline.....spine tingling and hair raising.

or a modified ZX9R
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Hey Devious2XS, you should spend some time around here you would feel different. I live 20 miles from where they build them and there is alot of absolute jerks that ride them, although it's getting better. I can't tell you how many times people have randomly come up to me and asked me when I will get a "real" bike. I even had a few retards tell me that I was a disgrace to this country for riding non-American bikes. After serving this wonderful country in the Army I felt like tearing their heads off. I can't stand when these idiots preach about how they love their freedom and then tell you how to live your life. Before I had Triumphs I mainly had Shadows and I have almost been in fist fights from wearing a Honda t-shirt into a bar (and I do not mean a biker bar the last place it happened was a night club at a Holiday Inn). Although a lot of the sportbike guys around here are not much better, if a magazine says their bike is faster than yours that they treat you like you are some second class citizen. I still do not think they are as bad as Vette owners though. My friend is same age as me (31) and happens to own a '69 427 Stingray convertible, I think it is a L71 car and other Vette owner are always giving him grief about his car. I guess they are jealous that theirs is not as rare as his. He has actually had people approach him at gas stations and tell him he was too young to own that car or that he did not deserve to own it. Too many people around here with ego problems.
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Hey Cheap, go buy a Harley. You don't get bashed enough around here!
My brother has a 2001 Night Train that has Vance and Hines shorty pipes on it and it sounds great! It has a very nice almost Flowmaster sound and isn't too loud. He hates it though, you can't rattle people's windows five miles away. The more obnoxious it is the better in his eyes, especially when blasting around town bar to bar half drunk at 1:00am. He tells me it's a kind of cool I will never understand. I have no problem with Harleys I just hate when people take their pride in their bikes too far. Going out and buying a bike that ANYONE can buy does not elevate you to god-like status no matter how much leather you buy. The funny thing is I've propably ridden more Harleys than any other bike (and I have had a good bit of bikes) because everyone thinks I will be converted after riding it and will go and buy one. I ride everything I can get my hands on because I might find something else I never knew I liked. A bike is a bike I'll ride them all. Except yellow ones if I can help it.
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