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harleys everywhere

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been seeing a lot of harleys on the road lately. Read somewhere their sales have skyrocketed and its mostly cashed up middleaged men buying. Not bad bikes but I don't understand why they remove or modify their exhausts to make them sound the way they do. Nice bikes to look at but not to listen to.

Its the quality of sound and not the quantity :-D that matters....

the sound a triple engine makes on the way to the redline.....spine tingling and hair raising.

or a modified ZX9R
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On 2007-01-11 09:59, cheapbastard wrote:
I think some Harleys sound good. Stock is too quite and the straight pipes are too loud, but I have definitely heard some good sound'n Harleys. None as great as this thing sounds though... :wink: :-D

Yo Cheap when you gonna paint/powder coat that Zard Emblem yeller? :-D :-D

To each their own, the type of bike doesnt make the person. The person makes the person. Arses ride/drive all kinds of vehicles. As well as some of the coolest folks you will ever meet.

I for one hate when folks sterotype. I will never bash another HD person again unless I know them personally. I will never forget the site about 8 years or more ago. Driving down a road near my house. I see a car pulled over the side of the road, can see an older person (white hair) standing near the front of the car. Looks like its oddly placed, so I slow down to see if assistance is needed. In front of the little car is a HD, big black and lots of chrome. I dont remember the type of the HD, as I was too focused on the HUGE dude that was riding it. Full leathers, with some sort of emblem on his jacket, wearing a chrome half helm with the nice spike on top. I asked, "You folks all set?" To which the nice old lady says, "Yes this young man stopped to help me, but thank you." Guy bending over changing the tire, says, "Thanks for stopping man, but I think I got it"

Nuff said.
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