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harleys everywhere

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been seeing a lot of harleys on the road lately. Read somewhere their sales have skyrocketed and its mostly cashed up middleaged men buying. Not bad bikes but I don't understand why they remove or modify their exhausts to make them sound the way they do. Nice bikes to look at but not to listen to.

Its the quality of sound and not the quantity :-D that matters....

the sound a triple engine makes on the way to the redline.....spine tingling and hair raising.

or a modified ZX9R
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I am 41, and own an F250 SD diesel (and several boats that I have towed all over the country when I was racing). Never owned a Harley, only sportbikes and dirtbikes, but wouldn't mind an old ridgid flathead ratbike or resto-project.

As much as I see HD bashing on this site, I have never understood it. Different types of bikes for different types of riding. You have to give HD types credit for organizing the largest bike gatherings in the world.

MOST of the riding organizations that protect ALL rider's rights and safety are made up of HD riders.

In my area, the HD riders give my Speed Triple a lot of respect, and ask a lot of questions when they see it. There are four HD or custom bike shops for every sportbike shop. I tune my bike at a HD/custom shop. When the bike is on the dyno, the shop nearly closes and HD riders come out of the woodwork to watch and listen.
The techs at the shop are courtious and always interested in my latest mods - a lot more than I can say about several of the local sportbike shops.

IMHO riding is too small of a sport to break into cliques. When I pass ANY rider on the road, I wave. I get more returned waves from HD riders than from the 'Busa owners (notice I did NOT write riders - there IS a difference).

Something to think about.
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Read the posts after yours. Would you not agree that bashing is definately indicated?

Defensive would indicate your comment was personal to me - it wasn't. :)

As for exhaust noise, like you, I have never liked noise for the sake of making noise. But then again, look at the trend in aftermarket exhausts on import cars. My speed triple is more than moderately loud at larger throttle positions - a lot louder than most others. Just like color, reproduction racing leathers, etc., to each his own.

A bit more tolerance and respect makes the world a friendlier place.

Jerks and idiots ride ALL kinds of bikes.

I am off my soapbox now. :tongue:

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On 2007-01-11 08:40, meanchuck wrote:
Hey Devious2XS, you should spend some time around here you would feel different. I live 20 miles from where they build them and there is alot of absolute jerks that ride them, although it's getting better. I can't tell you how many times people have randomly come up to me and asked me when I will get a "real" bike. I even had a few retards tell me that I was a disgrace to this country for riding non-American bikes. After serving this wonderful country in the Army I felt like tearing their heads off. I can't stand when these idiots preach about how they love their freedom and then tell you how to live your life. Before I had Triumphs I mainly had Shadows and I have almost been in fist fights from wearing a Honda t-shirt into a bar (and I do not mean a biker bar the last place it happened was a night club at a Holiday Inn). Although a lot of the sportbike guys around here are not much better, if a magazine says their bike is faster than yours that they treat you like you are some second class citizen. I still do not think they are as bad as Vette owners though. My friend is same age as me (31) and happens to own a '69 427 Stingray convertible, I think it is a L71 car and other Vette owner are always giving him grief about his car. I guess they are jealous that theirs is not as rare as his. He has actually had people approach him at gas stations and tell him he was too young to own that car or that he did not deserve to own it. Too many people around here with ego problems.
I TOO spent 10 years defending the US policy in the Army, including SpecOps - with the scars and lost friends to prove it. When someone gives me $hite about "American made" bikes or cars, I simply ask them when and where they served in the armed services. This shuts most of them up quickly. The others I could care less about.

I love when another sportbike rider underestimates my Speed Triple, they are soon looking at my taillights. It is for this very reason I have shared so much of the simple or cheap performance mods that I have done to my bike, and helped to mod other's Speed Triples. (HD's taste like chicken... but SOME are very quick)

I would rather turn wrenches than bust on other riders - whether deserved or not. YMMV

Hammering on Cheap is just too fun to quit. Even though I know better, I just can't help myself!
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I have heard one carbon silenced HD - it sounded pretty nice, but still had that odd-fire V-twin sound.

Have you ever heard the sound of the W-3 engine? Very sweet. It is a 3 cylinder HD engine made by Fueling Engineering - like half of a rotary piston engine (like old aircraft).
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