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Hi all, new to the forum but not to the site. Couple of questions:

My current ride is a 790 Bonnie and I am considering changing it for a Tiger. I'll probably go for a 955 as the 1050s will be a little outside my price range. I have a set of Hepco and Becker Junior hard cases on the Bonnie which I would like to use with any replacement bike. Does anyone else have these on a Tiger, and can tell me if they leave enough room for the feet of a passenger? There is room on the Bonnie, but only if the pillion's feet are very small.

My passenger will be my daughter, who is quite petite. Any comments on pillion comfort?

I plan to leave the frames in place full-time (the bike will be a daily rider as well). Do they look very obvious, or does the bike carry them well? (They tend to overwhelm the rear of the Bonnie visually IMO.)

Many thanks for any observations.

(Also considering a Sprint ST, so posting a similar query over there.)
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