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Hi Gang,

Got to hang with the devil Sunday ;-)

It does not matter whether you ride a BMW, Triumph, or Ducati, or ANY two wheeler, this Devil is HOT!

Love to hear what you all think about the luggage.
The Diavel is shown with RKA’s 24.5 liter Shiloh Road and RKA’s 50 liter expandable saddlebags.
Would you tour on her?
Is the tankbag too big too small? (RKA has five different sizes, bigger and smaller than this one)
Are the saddlebags too big too small (RKA has a smaller size)
Would the saddlebags compromise your seating position?
Will the tankbag make your touring more comfortable?
Inquiring minds need to know

Make some heat; give RKA some comments on this baby!

You can also e-mail or call me direct or call me.

[email protected]
1-800-349-1-RKA (1752)
707 836 7659
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