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A little late to this post, but the best frame paint I have used is POR-15.

Intended to be done in the same day:

Degrease frame. Blow dry. Sand blast frame completly to bare metal.. blow off all sand.. wipe down with acetone, let dry. Spray on por-15 rust paint to bare metal.. let dry a couple hours.. then spray on POR-15 hardnose paint (2 part).. both coats might need thinning.. with the bottom coat, use por-15 thinner.. with the top coat use Xylene. (do not over thin.. read instructions)

Hard as a rock.. unaffected by any chemical..(other than paint stripper!) can hit it with a hammer and will not chip. Worlds better than powder coating. Painted two frames with this and they still look new after many years.

Warning though: very bad to breathe.. I would recommend using a mask with an air pump.
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