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Hagon shocks - are they OK??

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Hi all,

I am seriously considering going for the Hagon short shock.

The local dealers here in Australia do not seem to regard the Hagon shocks too highly, describing it with commens such as "cheap", "primitive", "basic", etc.

I would appreciate any feedback and comments from those that have installed the shock, as to it's quality, etc.

Many Thanks,
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I too have sent you a PM, even though my triple has gone to a new home I still stand by my previous statement - it was the best mod I did to my bike.

As for Hagon being "cheap", "primitive", "basic", Maybe in the 60's but things have moved on, I live about 10 miles from the factory and have been there a few times and trust me - these guys really do know what they are on about, I had them on my v-max, then the supercharged GSX1400 the triple and the new 1400.

Ohh and I bet your 'local dealers' have an alternative shock that's 'much better' but is of course more expensive :wink:


PS: hi guys, hope your all keeping em rubber side down. In case I don't get back before Christmas, I truely hope it's a good one for you all. Take care and ride safe
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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