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Firstly I'd like to thank Bodhan for all his help as his advice was invaluable.

This weekend I installed some front calipers and master cylinder from GSXR1000 K8. I never liked the excessive lever travel of my 2006 OE set-up. The Teflon-coated cylinders helped but I was never qite happy.

.....but now I am well chuffed. Much firmer brakes with a more solid feel. The outright power is also up....but only fractionally.

1. £70 for new Pazzo shortie
2. £85 for K8 calpiers and master cylinder
3. £60 bespoke brake lines (from Earl's Hoses-very efficient and helpful)
4. £15 fot stainless steel calpier bolts (from Pro-Bolt)

I hope to recoup some of this by selling the OE stuff on Ebay.
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