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Hi all,
I think I forgot this welcome center part so here it is!
Long time Triumph owner all Meriden Twins until April when I purchased a 1999 ST with 3000 miles on it.
Got it home and the bugger caught fire in the driveway. Ignition switch loom grounded on frame. Wrote to Triumph but no response...oh well. Then had the fuel fitting recall and local Triumph dealer neglected to fit the pipe clips correctly resulting in a pissing out fuel leak on the Lost Highway in fog!
Well hopefully ownership gets better from here on out.
My '69 Tiger never did this to me so not too impressed with the Hinkley boys so far.
Love Triumph though, been an owner for 35 years so am willing to forgive.
Are ST's all this bad in cross winds or is it just mine. Been spoilt with a VFR for the past 3 years.
Just a weekend rider now.
Great site hoping to learn a lot.
Former pro Diesel mechanic and classic racer from the '80s so am handy with the spanners.
Rapidly approaching GeezerHood!
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