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Greetings! A quick salute from Norway!
I ride a '95 Tiger 900, which currently is undergoing some maintenance and well deserved spring cleaning.
I recently got some issues with it, took it apart, and a few things got to the surface, like air-filter, dirty as a...well, use your imagination, a defect coil, a broken throttle cable, and a minor leakage in the front brake-line.
Overall in need for some real looove and affection.
The paint on the fuel-tank suddenly got mysterious blisters all over, and the coating decided it would no longer be a part of the bike..
Maby it just sheds it's winter fur...or something? Never the less, it seems like a color change will be a part of it's future.
Cleaning the carburetors, nooks and crannies, chirps and rubs, one piece at a time.
Beside my bike restoration, i also renovate my '88 VW Caravelle T3 (Vanagon), which also has become a victim of love deficiency over the years of abuse on the salty Norwegian roads. Poor thing.
In time, i consider to give it a heart transplant, a Subaru Forester engine, to make it a little happier, rust restoration has begun, and here it is "learning by doing" all the way..
Time will show how this will turn out, but im fairly convinced it cant turn out much worse than it already is, so that's a good start il guess!
Other than that, im a songwriter and guitar-player in my early thirties, who after years on life's down-slope of misery has found a new zest for life, now i love, among other things, good health and yoga.
Motorcycles is a great thing, mainly because of the ultimate freedom it gives on the road, and the great riding positions it offers, that is much more healthy for the body than sitting on your butt in a car seat.
With that said, here is a little peek on my vehicles! ...and i might make some updates on the progress in the future!
Take care & stay safe and healthy! Cheers!



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Hello, welcome to the site. Your going to love the Tiger Tech section - Go say Hello and meet the Tiger clan.
I hope you find this Triumph site to be a great place to meet and talk all Triumph bikes with a great bunch of riders.
Everyone here is very willing to help with any issues or concerns with your bike. This is really a great bunch of riders very willing to help other riders.
Cruise around the different sections and find where you fit comfortably. There are tech sections for each of the many models of Triumphs and chat sections for the same. Also we have a great classifieds section that is well worth checking out.
If you want to just hang out and shoot the breeze the “Biker Hang-Out” Chat Section will be the place to stop in.
If you haven't already please fill out your profile. It helps others to know what you ride and where on the planet you are located.

I hope you enjoy the site. The moderators are here to help if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for joining the Triumph Rat Family.

Here is a link to the rules of the site and the classifieds. I recommend that you take a few minutes to read through them.

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