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GPS and mount

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So I've been looking into getting a GPS this year and figured I'd see what receivers and mounts other people are using.
The Garmin Quest looks like it has everything I need for a reasonable price.
I'm also curious as to what kind of mounts are you using on your Bonneville and how you like it. Is there one that is secure but easy enough to remove when not in use.

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I use a Garmin Streetpilot 2720, with Garmin Motorcycle Cradle Kit #010-10495-00, mounted with a RAM Mount Kit RAMB149Z-A. I already had the Streetpilot for use in my "Bonnie GXP", and got the accessories from on ebay for the stuff I needed to convert it for a bike..

I am not at all familiar with the Quest, but the features I like on my Streetpilot are its large touch screen, mph indicator, trip computer, headphones audio out, waterproof, and, oh yeah - I can put in routes. :-D

The Quest probably does all that, too.
Yes it is a U-bolt mount to the bars. The u-bolt is available, I believe, in cadmium plated, stainless steel, or painted black. The bracket that holds the GPS is a Garmin part, and accepts a standard mounting plate as that offered by RamMount. Here's a link to the hardware at gpscity:
Various GPS mounts

The other items I needed were the Garmin bracket that holds the GPS and fastens to the RamMount, and a motorcycle power cable, which is very different than the power cable used in my car.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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