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GPS and mount

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So I've been looking into getting a GPS this year and figured I'd see what receivers and mounts other people are using.
The Garmin Quest looks like it has everything I need for a reasonable price.
I'm also curious as to what kind of mounts are you using on your Bonneville and how you like it. Is there one that is secure but easy enough to remove when not in use.

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On 2007-01-31 17:42, Big_Rick wrote:
Thanks Larry, I'll check that out.

Walt, I was looking at those RAM mounts. How do you like it? Is yours the U-bolt type mount? Do you find it sturdy enough? Is this enough questions? :)
I used to have a BMW F650 Dakar that I took off road a lot
it had a RAM mount with a U bolt mount on the handlebar, plenty sturdy for that application so it should be more than enough for a Bonnie

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