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Just unloaded my R-3 from the tractor trailer. It's been in transit for about a week. Sitting in the cold. Anyway, she won't start. I'm going to chalk it up to the bitter cold. The bike is now in my garage with a small heater on it.

Any suggestions?

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Normal stuff first.
Best guess - battery not fully charged. My experience in cold weather has been that the first cold start can require multiple attempts - three at most. Normally, starts at first attempt and quickly.

A. Bike will not turn over. ( Instruments sweep and all lights working)

Check -

1. Kill Switch

2. Side stand - has to be up or the bike in neutral

3. Clutch - has to be engaged

(Won't start if headlight burnt)

B. Bike will not turn over and no instruments - charge battery.

C. All of the above OK - starter cranks won't start.

If your moving the throttle, stop. No need to feed it gas.

D. Dealer visit.

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Got it.

Battery charged and I am jacked
Went for a ride, wet my pants.

Hey, I am a newbie with a new toy
I am a man acting like a boy

Give me my Rocket
Go for a ride

Look at my Rocket
My joy and pride

Thanks to all for all the good tips
One day we'll meet and have a few sips

That's all for now
I'm gonna go

Chase the wife and
put on a show
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