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got a new 675!!!!

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tried a gsxr 750... really really sweet. Was in two minds until i saw both bikes out in the sun. I was inside talking to the dealer. Meanwhile outside a bunch of bike enthusiasts (5 in total) had gathered around the 675 admiring it... 'is it a ducati?' .... 'it looks like a 1098'..... 'whats it like to drive ...'. Decision made. Then when I heard both bikes running stock pipes..... no doubt. What a cracking bike. I pick her up on saturday. I can't wait.

I have two questions for those here. As far as I can tell my bike will be coming with Pirelli super corair pro's. This is great if I intended to use the bike primarily on the track... 70% track, 30% road as pirelli advertise. However, I intend to use it mainly on the road with the odd time on the track.

The weather here is very variable as are the roads. I was wondering if I should ask the dealer to change tyres ? And if so... to which type of tyres? How do you guys find the stock tyres on the road ?

Secondy I know there are threads and threads about this next point... but the official triumph off road can... (not the arrow one in the brochure)... the one with the big central exhause. Does anybody have a sound clip up yet of this. Ive read the other thread about the different exhausts... I particularly like the jardine! It sounds awesome, unfortunately you can't get it in my country yet!

Finally, has anybody here gone for the optional gel seat ? Does it improve comfort much ... relieve numb bumb syndrome ??


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The tires are fine as long as you respect slipperiness and don't expect to get full grip in the cold and wet. They would have lasted fine on my bike, but I caught a nail, pumped up the back tire, and finished it off right and good.

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