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Here is a full transcript of the e-mail concerning the Sprint ST 1050;
“SPRINT ST 1050 front brake – increased lever travel. Machines built prior to Vin: 253133.
A small number of Sprint ST 1050 customers of bikes built prior to Vin 253133 are reporting dissatisfaction with the front brake feel and for reasons of customer goodwill, we would like to confirm our wish to satisfy these owners.
The reported issue is that of control lever travel variation which has been a concern of some customers, to the extent that we have modified later Sprint ST 1050 models to accommodate our customers’ requirements.
For clarity we wish to confirm that the enhancement fitted on the latest models is available to customers who purchased 1050 Sprint ST’s prior to VIN 253133 as a goodwill gesture.
This involves the installation of a new master cylinder (T2025498) only. Please carry out this work for any customers’ who express any concerns to yo.
How to claim modification costs from us:
For convenience, please use the Warranty On Line system to process this goodwill work using:
Claim type “GOODWILL”
Fault code 02021091 and
Repair code 12021009
This new repair code covers the admin credit element. Please conduct a Full Download from this tomorrow onwards to capture these new codes.”

Copied from MCN

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Hope so Dave saw it on Motor Cycle News Website in view of all the comments about poor brakes on 1050, at least it gives us a chance to get it put right at Triumphs expence.
Mines one of the ones for recall so will get it booked in

Cheers Phil :)

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This too was taken from MCN:

Truth: Triumph brakes
By: Tom Rayner

Triumph has advised its dealers to replace the braking systems on some Sprint ST and Speed Triple 1050 models.

An e-mail was sent to all Triumph dealers which acknowledges customer dissatisfaction and advises dealers to enhance the much-maligned braking system, and has been leaked to MCN.

The document reveals Triumph’s recommendation to fit: “a new master cylinder” for the Sprint ST and: “the installation of coated calliper pistons to the front brake callipers” on the Speed Triple.

Send us your pictures, videos and articles to appear on Email them to [email protected]

However, when MCN revealed the firm was under investigation by Trading Standards in our December 13 issue, Triumph failed to acknowledge there was a problem with the Sprint ST and Speed Triple brakes.

For the full story see next week’s MCN out on Wednesday, January 24, 2007.

Holly sh1t :???:


955's rule!

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I've been trading voicemails with my dealer about the drag bolt. Finally reached them just now to schedule toe work, and I asked how I'd tell if my front master cylinder was 5/8" or 14mm. He said I wouldn't be able to see, checked my VIN, said the bike WAS affected and eligible for the MC swap (which I hadn't yet mentioned).

Getting both done at once next weekend, weather willing.

I'll also be their first MC change-out. :eek:

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On 2007-01-18 21:36, alancb wrote:
So for those with upgraded masters, does this "fix" the problem or just lessen it?
Well I can't really say since I had both the MC changed (for free) AND the caliper pistons and seals (payed for).

Since I had these mods done, 1000km ago, I have noticed NONE of the fading and inconsistent mushy lever syndrome. No need to occasionally pump the brakes etc. Not sure which mod fixed the problem since I had these done at the same time.

It took the dealer ages to remove the old pistons since some were stuck (!!) and also took them ages to bleed the ABS brake system.

One thing people should know is that changing the MC to a larger one, will make the lever feel firmer. As a result more force must be applied but less travel for the same braking effect.
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