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Good idea ?

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I saw a New Black 06 Tiger in a local dealers here in Bristol. Had the sold sign on it for weeks, without any movement. I mentioned it to a sales guy who said it was sold with a deposit taken, but being put on the road in March 07 ready for the Spring !! fair play to the buyer, I would not be too happy with it sat in the showroom mind :bow:

Still looks better than the 07 that was parked near it. You realise how much Bike you get for your dosh at £7K :)

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I kind of agree with you that riding on snow and ice is not a comfortable feeling. Around here where I live, I would have to say it is downright stupid. I think picking your moments in the winter to ride is great. But riding on ice covered roads on two wheels does not give me any pleasure.

I got caught out in the snow and probably should have parked it and called a cab or the faithful Triumph of Reno dealer for a ride. I decided to keep riding and managed to get to safe harbor. I could have spilled very easily and broken my neck.

When the ice and snow are covering the roads, do yourself a favor and leave the bike in the garage. If you love it that much, get a third wheel.

On 2006-12-20 11:13, Trotts wrote:
I have just got my new back tyre (another tourance) 2nd one in 14,000 miles, so at least I can fit that on Xmas day instead of watching the usual suspects on telly.

Now, is he telling the truth, or will he REALLY be changing a tyre on Xmas day :???: Is this dedication or what. Most mortals will be doing this to one degree or another... :-g

I am these days a fair weather rider, in so much not much pleasure on ice, in rain, uncomfortable. Having said that do I ever make up for it when I have the chance. Cannot wait for the Picos that are calling me in 5 months :-D
No, No, No you guys have got it all wrong when deciding what proper riding is. Yes it is 24/7/12 in all weathers but to me a real test of being a proper biker was way back in the early sixties.
The challenges that faced us back then far out weigh anything modern riders face.

The winters in the sixties were some of the most severe this country has experienced and as a young dude on his Bonneville I would still try to ride to work through snow drifts at 3 mph with both feet down only to have to abandon the bike and walk. ( Looking back I was a bit of a plonker)

I would travel everywhere with out crash helmet or leather jacket no matter what the weather was. ( Looking back I was a bit of a plonker)

I would go on rides to place I had never heard of, not knowing if it was 20 miles or 200 miles away. The maximum money I took with me was £1.00, no mobile phone, no credit card, no RAC membership, no phone at home. Just a pocketful of spark plugs and a magneto spanner.

I would travel bloomin miles with the latest girlfriend on the back, we usually came home freezing cold, soaking wet, covered in grease but happy, sometimes VERY HAPPY.

During my courting days ( do people go courting these days) I used the Bonny to explore every backwater in the hope of finding somewhere to have a kiss and a cuddle. Off roading in the snow on a 62 Bonny with less than good tyres was silly and possibly dangerous in the hope of finding an old farm building that would provide the two of us with some shelter from the elements. ( Looking back I was a bit of a plonker)

So there you have it, biking in the good old days. No credit cards, no money, no satnav, no phone, no helmet, no jacket. ( Looking back I was a bit of a plonker)

YOU CAN KEEP THO "GOOD OLD DAYS" it was awful. Give me a modern bike with all of the latest gizmos any day. Modern day biking has got to be the best it's ever been, what do you think? Please do not comment about speed cameras or parking tickets. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

:hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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Courting ?
Oh yes, I seem to remember that was the very reason I dumped two wheels in favour of four. That old Morris 1100 had a far more accomodating back seat than the Triumph!
It cost me £15 ! Yes £15 for a whole car!! Eeee, those were the days!

Hang on, my screens gone all sepia tinted.... :razz:

Bet you wished you'd got that Boni be worth more than your Tiger,Bikeing the best it's ever been?? bikes are and the kit is,the standard of bike rideing in the Uk is nothing short of disgracefull,bikeing gone from a way of life to fancy dress on a sunday and organised tours in magazines,travel abroad on ones own??? what ever next!!!

Happy Christmas
Let me set the record straight, I don't ride if it is actively precipitating in a any way that is foreseeable but cold doesn't bother me if the roads are dry. Up here in the Northeast of the states, they use a lot of salt and get the roads very dry within 24 hours of the end of a storm (if it is big it might take 48). Unfortunately, the salt is hard on the equipment but so be it.

I ride because a bad day on a motorcycle is better than the best day in my pickup truck and it wakes me up in the morning. Oh yeah, I like the focusing power of having to concentrate on road conditions.

As far as comparing motorcycling now to how it was then, I am an adult onset rider (started at 47) so I can't comment.

Everyone should stay happy and healthy through the new year and whatever holiday you feel like celebrating...just don't do it on the bike.

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I'll be getting a tates of 'how it was then' soon. I'm picking up a '65 Boneville on 29th.

Having ridden right gear-change Brit bikes in the past, I'm fine with the riding experince but now I'm gonna have to learn a whole new set of fixing skills and buy a set of imperial spanners too!

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