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Good idea ?

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I saw a New Black 06 Tiger in a local dealers here in Bristol. Had the sold sign on it for weeks, without any movement. I mentioned it to a sales guy who said it was sold with a deposit taken, but being put on the road in March 07 ready for the Spring !! fair play to the buyer, I would not be too happy with it sat in the showroom mind :bow:

Still looks better than the 07 that was parked near it. You realise how much Bike you get for your dosh at £7K :)

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i couldnt agree more about riding all year,i think i am going to have to get some heated grips they sound like a good investment,we have just got back from a the east coast today and it was cold but fantastic views just look at that sky for december in britain.

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Yep totally agree, I have a couple of police motorcycle mates, and they hate it in spring, they have to deal with a lot more bike accidents as soon as the weather warms up. And all the Rossi and pedrosa wannabees come out of hibernation.

I don’t know about anyone else but if I haven’t ridden my bike for a couple of weeks usually due to work commitments rather than the weather, I feel really rusty and ride very cautiously for a while until I feel ok, its a bit like having a sixth sense that just needs warming up.

So if your off the road for 6 months it must take ages to get back into the rythem, and I drive for a living!

I also didn’t pass my car test until I was 22 (1982), but I passed my bike test in 1978,I rode 30 miles to work every day in deep snow, and ***** weather, on everything from a garrelli tiger cross (50cc) to a CB750. Because I had to, but it was good experience for later life, and I went on to ride motocross, and cbr600 superstox.

But now I ride for pleasure not for pain, I ride because I choose to, if you want every ride to be a endurance test, that’s fine, also if you want to go out and enjoy the scenery, and not have to concentrate like mad on the road conditions, that’s fine as well.

We are all have different views, that’s what makes biking fun.
:-D :-D :-D
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A merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone on this site, especially you mr neary (even if you are from Lancashire) :-D :-D

I have just got my new back tyre (another tourance) 2nd one in 14,000 miles, so at least I can fit that on xmas day instead of watching the usual suspects on telly.

£79.50 from moto tyres delivered in two days,top service.
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