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Good idea ?

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I saw a New Black 06 Tiger in a local dealers here in Bristol. Had the sold sign on it for weeks, without any movement. I mentioned it to a sales guy who said it was sold with a deposit taken, but being put on the road in March 07 ready for the Spring !! fair play to the buyer, I would not be too happy with it sat in the showroom mind :bow:

Still looks better than the 07 that was parked near it. You realise how much Bike you get for your dosh at £7K :)

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Absolutely beautiful photography of winter riding in the Dales.

I was doing some riding yesterday in Reno where I keep a small garage and winter my bike. About 29 F but I have some heated clothing that works great. I was at the Brewery having a fish and chips with some pals and it started snowing. Snowing pretty good.

By the time I got to south Reno there was about 1/2-1" of really icey accumulation on the road. Lucky there was lots of traffic and I was able to follow tire tracks in the snow. And luckily Virginia Street is a straight shot and the only turn I had to make was into the garage area. Luckily the snow was not sticking at the garage area where I had to make some turns and do some maneuvers on the bike.

I made it OK and snapped a couple of winter pics with my cell camera. Not very good photos but the snow was pretty. Once I got to the garage that is:

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I kind of agree with you that riding on snow and ice is not a comfortable feeling. Around here where I live, I would have to say it is downright stupid. I think picking your moments in the winter to ride is great. But riding on ice covered roads on two wheels does not give me any pleasure.

I got caught out in the snow and probably should have parked it and called a cab or the faithful Triumph of Reno dealer for a ride. I decided to keep riding and managed to get to safe harbor. I could have spilled very easily and broken my neck.

When the ice and snow are covering the roads, do yourself a favor and leave the bike in the garage. If you love it that much, get a third wheel.

On 2006-12-20 11:13, Trotts wrote:
I have just got my new back tyre (another tourance) 2nd one in 14,000 miles, so at least I can fit that on Xmas day instead of watching the usual suspects on telly.

Now, is he telling the truth, or will he REALLY be changing a tyre on Xmas day :???: Is this dedication or what. Most mortals will be doing this to one degree or another... :-g

I am these days a fair weather rider, in so much not much pleasure on ice, in rain, uncomfortable. Having said that do I ever make up for it when I have the chance. Cannot wait for the Picos that are calling me in 5 months :-D
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