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Good idea ?

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I saw a New Black 06 Tiger in a local dealers here in Bristol. Had the sold sign on it for weeks, without any movement. I mentioned it to a sales guy who said it was sold with a deposit taken, but being put on the road in March 07 ready for the Spring !! fair play to the buyer, I would not be too happy with it sat in the showroom mind :bow:

Still looks better than the 07 that was parked near it. You realise how much Bike you get for your dosh at £7K :)

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I always smile when i read threads about all year round riding,i didn't learn to drive a car till my mid twenties so i rode 12 months of the year,rain,shine,6" of snow,to work every day,across Europe in mid winter,it taught me how to ride a bike and i'm greatfull for that but enjoy it!!!! your whistleing in the dark boys!!.

I do some tyre testing for a certain company,they have a launch the end of feb with a new tyre,will you scrub a pair in please and tell us what you think!!!yea the tyres are great the roads are C**P, it's more to do with survival than enjoyment.
You want a tip?? go and buy an Enduro bike and ride it in proper competion,no,i don't mean playing,get an ACU license and have a go,you'll learn more in a season and than a billion years rideing on the road.
The way i got round it, i stopped riding a road bike for ten years apart from holidays,when i bought one to ride to Spain or SoF came back sold it and and carried on raceing.
Bet you wished you'd got that Boni be worth more than your Tiger,Bikeing the best it's ever been?? bikes are and the kit is,the standard of bike rideing in the Uk is nothing short of disgracefull,bikeing gone from a way of life to fancy dress on a sunday and organised tours in magazines,travel abroad on ones own??? what ever next!!!

Happy Christmas
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