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Good idea ?

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I saw a New Black 06 Tiger in a local dealers here in Bristol. Had the sold sign on it for weeks, without any movement. I mentioned it to a sales guy who said it was sold with a deposit taken, but being put on the road in March 07 ready for the Spring !! fair play to the buyer, I would not be too happy with it sat in the showroom mind :bow:

Still looks better than the 07 that was parked near it. You realise how much Bike you get for your dosh at £7K :)

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That's the good thing about a Tiger,it still looks good when dirty and a jetwash brings it up nicely.Only problem I had last winter afteer riding in Wales was that road salt was everywhere and in some inaccessible places under the seat and on the electric gubbins.Anyway she still goes fine.Last year we rode on New Years Eve in perfect cold,dry conditions.I was certainlt glad of the heated grips that day.
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