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I have all the components for a Ghetto Freak for sale. I was unsuccessful creating a bracket for the right side cheese grater and just didn't want to go without the graters. The stock airbox has the original mounts and is already cut to accept two K&N pod filters. There is room to remove the filters for annual cleaing. The side cover mounts are intact. I'll include the braces I mocked up for the graters, maybe you can make them work. Here's what I have and what I paid:
Two K&N Filters with original packinging $69.00
Hardware Carb Brace $3.00
Crankcase Breather (NewBonneville) $15.00
Stock airbox $20.00
Total $107.00

Pix of the items are here.

I'll sell it all for $75 plus shipping and the box is already set. PayPal or check OK.

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