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Hello there you Coloradians, (?) l'm thinking about travelling to your mountainous area in about 3 weeks & doing the blacktop & some easy gravel (fire) roads for the best views of your wonderful State.

First of all l'm coming from SW MO so any nice roads to use on the way over would be a bonus & then when l get there the best places to stay on a 3/4/5 day tour to do a continuous loop of the best roads & views.

PS, l'm not over interested in the touristy places like Silverton & Euray & l'd rather you guided me to a great burger cafe along the route than somewhere that all the RV's pull into.

PPS, l'll be doing it on a Tiger Roadie with trail tires/tyres on it, or, l may put the XCX spoked wheels & Heidanou knobblies on the bike but l don't know if l want to do 1000mls each way on blacktop on them???

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