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***** gearbox

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I've been hit by the 4th gear gremiln on my T509, I have been told by the dealer that Triumph have not acknowledged there being a problem with the 97/98 gearboxes yet on the t595 site there seems to be a lot of owners with exactly the same problem, my question is - are there any owners who have had this problem and have approached Triumph had any help from them towards the cost of the parts or labour. I have had three quotes and all have been around £1000, the parts are less than £130, the rest is labour.

I am well cheesed off at the present as I lost my job last saturday and then my T509 died a few days later, my missus has hid all the pills and knives and I can't find my rope either :(
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That does suck - too bad the TT season is way off or you could indeed turn a few quid from letting out a room.

Any chance you could install the parts yourself? It looks more daunting than it actually is once the engine is out of the frame.
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