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G'day from Brisbane Australia.

I am now the proud new owner of a Triumph Thunderbird 900. I still have the Daytona 675 in the garage - but I can't see Ravin being ridden too much now.

I'm getting older and slower - but loving my new steed.

I've spent plenty of time trolling the forums before taking the plunge and buying a 14 year old bike...., so I appreciate all you answers and patience to all the dumb questions I am likely to ask in the foreseeable future.

Magnificent bike & great forum.

from Brisvegas

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Welcome to the forum!

The old Thunderbirds (and the other Hinckley Classic Triples) were great motorcycles! I have always wished they had continued that line. Too much conflict with the then new Bonnevilles, I guess. I still hope to add a Thunderbird Sport to the collection someday.

Visit the Hinckley Classic Triple forum and join the conversation! Be sure to introduce yourself there and post photos of your Thunderbird.

You will ride the Daytona again. My Rocket does not keep me from wanting some time with my Speed Triple, and I ain't getting any younger either.

Browse the site and join the banter! We are happy to have you.

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