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Gday Everybody,Ive been a member of the forum for a few years and am usually a bit challenged technically to get onto a thread every now and then I fluke it.
My name is Billy Ponsonby.Born in Scotland but came to New Zealand 40 years ago and made a life for myself.
In amongst my 2 Bonnevilles and a wife kids mortgages etc I was a member of the New Zealand Defence force for a number of years.
A good mate whom I served with left for the UK in the mid 90s and he is now with the British Army in the Scottish Regiment.He has applied for Balloted tickets for the 100 year commemoration at Gallipoli where New Zealand ,Australian and other British Commonwealth
troops landed in Turkey April 25th 1915.The rest they say is history and the Landings have become an important part of New Zealand and Australian history as part of the ANZAC sacrifice in the First World War.
My mate secured 2 tickets and has asked me if I would like to join him.This involves me flying to Scotland and then with my mate to Istanbul and on.I am advised and I believe this will be a trip and a half of a lifetime.
After ,I return to Scotland and meet up with afew of my remaining old relatives and some new ones.
In amongst this the brother has suggested we go to the Tribute memorium for Rory Gallagher in Ballyshannon in Ireland at the end of May 2015 before I head back to NZ
He has suggested we go on his Suzuki 125cc from Perth in Scotland to Ballyshannon.Even the thought of it reminds me of fingernails on the blackboard.Dumb and Dumber.
So my question is ,is there someone out there who could lend borrow sell me a motorbike that I could use for a couple, of weeks in May 2015.I would organise all the necessary insurances etc and it goes without say ing if anybody does and can get to NZ I would reciprocate and offer a place for them to base themselves for a holiday in NZ and take your pick on a 2007 A1 Bonneville or a 1977 T140V need I say more.So give me a hand cos isnt that what Triumph people do!!
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