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Funky Starting

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We've discussed the interesting starting characteristics of Tigers. It seems 99's, especially, don't always start when you do the clutch-start button in that order. We discussed the neutral switch, the clutch switch, and various relays. Well......this last weekend the ol' Tiger was not even starting when I did the button-button-clutch exercise. I messed with the key and then it fired. I got out the electrical contact cleaner and gave the ignition switch a good shot in the keyhole. This is a solvent kind of cleaner, not the freon kind. I flooded it good and exercised the key. Then I did it again. It made a HUGE difference. I think sitting up there with your keyhole to the sky can only attract nasty bits that would compromise the contacts in the switch. Give it a try if it's acting like Lucas, the Prince of Darkness, is messing with your motorcycle!
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i cured mine by opening up the switch part on the handlebars and spraying lots of maplins contact cleaner inside and working it in with an old toothbrush,i found WD40 had varnished the contacts in the push button.
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