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Funky Starting

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We've discussed the interesting starting characteristics of Tigers. It seems 99's, especially, don't always start when you do the clutch-start button in that order. We discussed the neutral switch, the clutch switch, and various relays. Well......this last weekend the ol' Tiger was not even starting when I did the button-button-clutch exercise. I messed with the key and then it fired. I got out the electrical contact cleaner and gave the ignition switch a good shot in the keyhole. This is a solvent kind of cleaner, not the freon kind. I flooded it good and exercised the key. Then I did it again. It made a HUGE difference. I think sitting up there with your keyhole to the sky can only attract nasty bits that would compromise the contacts in the switch. Give it a try if it's acting like Lucas, the Prince of Darkness, is messing with your motorcycle!
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Good call. My BMW K75S went through three ignition switches in 50k miles. Then I just installed a toggle switch in its place (hoping someone would steal it). No luck on luring a hapless thief. Even criminals are too smart to take a BMW.
Can't argure with success but might take note that WD40 does not displace moisture and also has a tendency to varnish since it is mostly kerosene.
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