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03/16/16 update: - Good News! the Fuelbot2.0 has been released and is now UNIVERSAL!! - skip to This Thread for details

Here is a really neat fuel level indicator developed by a friend, initially for the Suzuki SV650 - I originally got it to install on the SV

However after discussing with the Developer, we both felt confident this would also work on the Triumph.
So it didn't even make it on to the Suzuki, I have installed on my own bike and helped provide the input for the slightly different programming variables, that will be included on Triumph models at source.

(Please note that I have no personal commercial interest in this product - just happy to help expand its horizons to be available for our Triumph community!)

Before you read too far, note that this is primarily aimed at the Sagem equipped bikes - it will also work with the 1050's, however no tach display (because of the CANBUS) and can only utilize the LCD display on those

Introducing the FuelBot by TeeRiver.

Let me start out by explaining the basic principle of how it works:
There is a sense-wire tapped onto the #1 Fuel Injector and it measures the duration of each injector pulse and sums it over the duration of a tankful.
The duration of pulses is directly proportional to the volume of gas delivered, so it is simple math to then have the microprocessor to convert that accumulated time to usable numbers.
It even calibrates for subtle differences between each individual bike - after the first tank, read off pump what it took to fill;
punch that into the unit and the subsequent usage will be re-calibrated to be (to quote the lovely Mona-Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinnie) dead-balls-accurate. :D

It has two display options:
on the OEM Tachometer (it toggles between Tach & Fuel functions with the selector switch)
on an optional LCD display (which also includes mpg, miles till empty info etc also)

That is the abridged version, more detail below.

Link to original thread -

Here is the video from that thread - it is exactly same on the Triumph, just a different tach of course. But operationally identical.

FuelBot Unit

(^^ Note that on the Triumph the Speedo Sender connectors are different)

FuelBot Harness

(Note that mine is showing just under 100% - I literally just filled and came straight from gas station (you can see miles indicated on the FuelBot is only 1.38)
Mode 2 is the simplest display mode for the Tach - reads just like a standard fuel gauge - 10 is 100%, etc. It will drop linearly as you use fuel - except is MUCH more accurate than a standard resistive float sensor gauge.
And you can toggle it between the standard Tach Mode or FuelBot Mode as often as you like.

But before you visit the linked reference thread (which I encourage you to do), here is the gist:
1) Requires no modification to Fuel Tank or sensor - works whether you have Thermistor or Float/Resistive sensor
2) Is a programmed MicroProcessor which calculates the volume of Fuel used by counting the accumulative duration of the Fuel Injector Pulses.
3) Displays on the Tach Instrument (which is now dual-mode for std Tach and Fuel Indication), so the optional LCD display is not necessary
4) Incredibly simple install - almost plug n play (couple of simple connections for Injector and Tach signal)

The only differences from the SV kit are
1) Different type of Speedo Drive connectors
2) Slightly different programming
3) Addition of one resistor to enable the Tach to work normally

(all of these changes will be done at source by TeeRiver if you require a kit)

#2 I have been the guinea pig for - there is obviously different calibration factor between the Triumph and the Suzuki, most notably because of the extra cylinder! And different Injector flow rates.
Then the tank volume is a little different, which has no impact on fuel used, but does give a different number for fuel volume left. These changes are being reprogrammed to be correct 'out of the box' for Triumph application.

But it is very easy to calibrate on your first re-fill, to get amazingly accurate level - After my initial tank use, I refilled the tank, input the volume to fill (reading off the pump) and re-calibrated. (Very simple process)
I then did some more miles and refilled - the FuelBot indicated that I had used 1.955 US Gallons - I filled to the neck with 1.962 Gallons - that is within 1 oz!!!!!!! (typical spec is within 2% which itself is awesome)
Specifically, mine was initially 'calibrated' for the Suzuki, so during that initial tankful, it was inaccurate as to volume used - however it still accumulated the required data to be able to calibrate almost any FI fuel system
1) Install, Fill Tank and, before leaving gas station, reset to 'Full'
2) Ride, consume majority of tank
3) Fill and note the Fuel Volume on the Pump
4) Enter calibrate mode and input the Fuel Volume used to fill
5) The system is now calibrated to match the accumulated duration of injector pulses from the previous reset to the actual fuel volume used.
6) That new calibration factor will remain in memory going forward, no need to calibrate again at future fills

Note that because of the information I have established, Triumph units will come quite accurate 'out of the box' although can still be finely honed by the above process.

For my initial test installation, all I had to do was swap the Speedo Drive Connectors, then connect the one wire to the Injector Drive with the supplied PosiTap, and connect up the Tach drive*
* For this connection, you can actually connect directly into the Instrument connector plug, in the same way as shown on TeeRiver's video; however I actually cut the wire to the tach input (red) and spliced the wires directly.

The kit comes with a neat 'input' control switch, which mounts to the clutch perch bracket, to select different modes. You can also (instead) use one of the OEM switches if you don't want to mount the supplied select switch (headlight flasher or starter switch) My original thought was I wasn't keen on the additional switch, but it mounts up so well and seamlessly that I don't mind it at all.

Here are some notes re model application: Will work with any of the FI triples with some caveats;
1) Ideally suited for 02+ Sagem equipped bikes - will display on both the Tach and the optional LCD if that is utilized; will report all data including miles till empty, as well as fuel level
2) Can also be used on the mechanical speedo bikes - however since there is no electronic speed indicator, it will only report fuel level (% tank, gals used, gals left); it would not be difficult to add a speed sender
(as shown in this mod - to add the additional functionality.
3) It will not display on the 1050's Tach, because this is CANBUS system - however the LCD display could be used I believe*
*This system has not been tested - theoretical, but don't see any potential issues)

As I type I realize that in UK galls are different size - however I'm confident that TeeRiver would provide a programmed version to accommodate that (simple scaling operation on the program), as well as Metric Option for those on the Continent (km & litres)

For most practical purposes, although there is much more data displayed on the LCD, for basic Fuel Level operation, simply toggling between Mode1 (normal Tach display) and Mode2 (Fuel Level %) is adequate for typical requirements. That is as simple as 1 or 2 presses on the selector to change modes. That makes for very clean install with no requirement to mount the LCD.

Note that for anyone who does want the LCD, you will need to come up with your own enclosure for that.

This is a REALLY nice development - I can heartily recommend it. TeeRiver can supply you complete plugnplay kit (including the Triumph specific changes) or just the Programmed Processor if you want to build it yourself.
If you want to get in touch with him, PM me and I will give you his e-mail address

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:kaboomInteresting .

I would require a real bullet proof ( or at least hail / monsoon proof ) enclosure for the LCD ...

Though now that I think of it my tach drive stripped and has the needle is all over the place , random. I could gut the tach and secure the LCD inside my cluster ...

What are the dimentions on that screen ?

And PM for info please .

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The exterior dimensions of the pcb are 80mm x 36mm
The actual display bezel is about 5mm or so less all way round (so ~ 70 x 26)

Incidentally that image shows is in Mode 3 - is getting 66.7 average mpg for this tank which has 3.198 galls left in tank - or 71% full - and has gone 86.95 miles

Note that there are some enclosure display options shown in the original thread - like this one -

To be honest, the LCD is kinda fun to play with (cheap enough to have it) but is difficult to integrate nicely onto a naked bike IMO
On both my Triumph and Suzuki installs, it will most likely just utilize the tach display - unfortunately not an option on the 1050 Triumphs though, which will REQUIRE the LCD as the only display means.
(although an ancillary mini-tach could also be used

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Kinda surprised there hasn't been more interest in this- it's been extremely popular on the SV site, where it was launched. So pardon the 'bump' to give it some more visibility.
Granted a lot of the 1050 members won't get the Tach display operation, only the LCD will function (due to the CANBUS Tach) - however still lots of viability for the 955 guys and the 1050's who would be satisfied with the LCD
Virtually plug n play, three simple wires to connect (or just the one on a 1050)

I'll have to shoot a video so it can be seen operating on the Triumph.

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Finally got around to making a video that shows it functioning on an actual Triumph!! :p

Also hopefully shows how simple it is to connect.
On that note, here is a pic of the Positap connection onto the Fuel Injector drive signal for Injector #1. I actually connected that without even removing the tank, just reached through left side of frame opening.

I should add a footnote that the Speed Sender connectors (seen in the video) on my bike are actually not the Triumph ones - I have a lot of similar connectors going on with my key-less ignition system and just for differentiation used the Suzuki ones (Sumitomo HM)
If you order unit from TeeRiver, it will come with the correct Sumitomo MT connectors for the Triumph Speed Sender.


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Wow impressive mod, going to jump on one of these, my only question is when the fuel is low for the non lcd version does the low fuel light still come on?

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Very well done ! Using the tacho as a fule/mileage gauge is good thinking ! The price is good IMO. It looks easy to install. Personally I'd prefer it with the display unit rather than using the tacho. Plus it's american made. Maybe bike companies such as Triumph could use it on their bikes. Make sure to patent it !

Would it be useful to fabricate a unit with only the display and not onb the taco?

I may consider this next riding season.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

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Could this be made to work on an America/Speedy?
1) Primary caveat - must be EFI model - cannot work with carb models
2) To display on Tach, must be non-Canbus type; if no non-CanBus tach, must use the optional LCD display.
3) The Fuel Used/Remaining will work for pretty much any EFI bike and can be user calibrated after initial tank consumption;
4) miles calibration would likely require custom setting - and of course needs to be electrical, not mechanical speedo - I think even the EFI America/Speedmaster is mechanical speedo?
(not 100% sure on that) .

Holy crap. How did i miss this? I want one. Like right now. How do i order?
I can give you information to contact - note that on your 09 S3 however it will not display on the Canbus Tach and only with the 'optional' LCD; for yours also would need a new constant for the miles to be calibrated - currently only the Fuel consumption is User calibrated (although the developer was working on also making the miles user configurable)

Regarding the miles calibration - I just needed to give the developer the numbers from the OEM odo on mine vs the FuelBot odo and he burned a new chip with the correct cal factor - again, he was looking to add this as user capability but not sure if/when.

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I actually prefer the LCD display. But after reading some of the thread you posted, it seems like this wiring stuff may be over my head
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