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Fuel Light Question

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OK some of you may know, I purchased a 03 S3 less than a few weeks ago. While still learning the bike, experimenting with that twisting the wrist, and cooler weather I didnt really bother checking/tracking MPG (fuel economy).

While I still dont care about the economy atm, I am somewhat annoyed by the fact that the Fuel light seems to come on with something like 1.7-2.3 gallons of gas left? Thinking I was underfilling the thing, I did my best last 2 days of filling right till the overflow lip in the tank recess.

Run 175 miles total while staring at the light from 135 miles, fill up and still have 1.5 gallons left... So..

Anyone else find the light comes on a wee bit too early? Anything to be done about this except not complain that it didnt warn me?
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If you want I can send you the sensor I justed replaced. It came on a lot later then the new one. (about 175 miles).
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