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Fuel Filter ?

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I tried the search to no avail.
Does anyone know of a switch out part for a Fuel filter for an 01 Sprint ST. The dealer price is $53 can. I was hoping for something a little cheaper. In addition the Haynes manual says the gasket for the pump and filter must be replaced when the pump is removed.
Has anyone tried reusing the old gasket ? The dealer doesn't have one in stock and it's usually over a week to get parts. I have the tank off now so I would like to renew the filter and get it all back together for the weekend.

Thanks in advance

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Here is the link that leads to Panther's Dens' most excellent index of parts:

The Purolator/NAPA/whatever price is around US$6.

The big honkin' gasket is supposed to be re-used. There is no reason not to, unless it is cracked or otherwise non-gasket-like.

The 'screen' is also re-used.

Be very careful when re-making the fuel fittings and the proper routing of the hoses when you set the tank back into position.
Fuel Filters
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Napa Gold 3032
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That is from Panther's Den Parts' List, as linked by Pushr0d.

I just went thru this, and opted for the wix filter. As pushr0d said, be really careful with the pushlock fuel fittings. I nicked an O-ring and had a leaker. Lube the o-ring on the male, and make sure the bayonet on the female is open and centered with the opening when you insert the male end.

Enjoy the money you're saving.....I got my Wix filter for $4.10 including tax!

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Thanks Pushr0d and CharlieS. Hmm.. what should I do with the 50 bucks I've saved.... I'd send beer but it would be warm when it got there. Maybe I'll have one while it's still cold. Thanks again the info it is appreciated

Panthers Den. That is a most excellent parts list,

I expect that thanks to you we Triumph owners will be able to save
a lot of hard earned cash. Thanks again.....I'm off to Part's Source right now.
The weather is too nice to have the bike out of commission all weekend.
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