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Front Suspension Upgrade

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Just added Race Tech compression gold valves to my '06 Sprint. Very positive upgrade. Virtually all the harshness on high speed bumps is gone and they're more consistent and planted when well heeled over at speed.

I upgraded the springs first, and though the RTs were good, I found them a little stiff at the recommended rate for my weight. So I altered the stockers by shortening them by about 3", and adding spacers. They're much better now. I cut off the bottoms, which were the softest part of the progressive spring. Now they're compliant without being soft. They're set at 15mm preload as installed, and measure 33mm static sag.

Between the springs and the gold valves, it's a much more responsive package, with the dive and high speed harshness eliminated.

The compression valves are so much better, I think I'll do the rebound valves next time I have the forks off.
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Afraid you'll have to go with different forks for fully adjustable upgrade. Make sure you bring the BIG checkbook.
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