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I know there has been a lot of talk about USD forks and 6 pot calipers, and I would eventually like to perform these upgrades, as I am definately mechanically able to do them, just not fiscally at the moment. In addition, there are riders doing far more spirited riding than I will probably ever do, on basically stock suspended Sprints.

During the bike's last service, I replaced the fork oil with 10wt, and filled them up a tad more, 10-15mm (I forget exactly) based on some experiences from some highly regarded members, to try to remedy the stock fork issues. I reset the sag, etc, but the bike has been giving me very little confidence in the turns as well as the staights. The front does not seem to be compressing in the turns, and does not feel like it is digging in. During a track day at a small, tight track, I was able soften the preload enough to allow the front to compress, and I gained a little confidence back. However, small bumps in the highway and moderate corners to sweepers really upset the front, and its seems to 'bounce'. Doing 75-80 mph on the highway is really a handful.

From my limited suspension knowledge, this seems like a damping problem. I'm not terribly heavy (~170 lb without gear) and generally ride solo now, with a light load in the panniers, but I still feel the stock springs are too soft. I know the ultimate fix would be to swap the Suzuki front end onto it, or go with RaceTech springs/valves, but is there anything I can do to 'band-aid' the problem for now, until I can afford the swap. Riding with the bike handling like it does currently is somewhat un-nerving.

Sorry for the book, can anyone give me any insight without flaming me too bad?

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