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Food For Thought.

I've heard a number of arguments regarding the size of the front sprocket. One that seemed to make since to me was that going too small of a front sprocket increases the load on the chains as it must make a sharper bend (comparing 19T with say a 17T front sproket) around the front sprocket.

I contacted a friend about purchasing both the 18T and 19T front sprocket. He owns a Suzuki dealership and has contacts for the best deal. After a brief discussion about size he enlightened me to the fact that the Hyabusa has a 16T front sprocket from the factory. Most of us know the Hyabusa is a 200MPH motorcycle, yet is utilizes a 16T front sprocket.

From this I gathered that the small-ness of the front sprocket has no bearing on the life of a chain.

Just food for thought.
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