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Front End Lift For Rally Pro

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I was wondering what folks have used for a front end lift for the Rally Pro.

I have both front and rear Vortex Paddock stands. Rear works fine. But the front, with the the 21” wheel and 230mm of travel, the front stand isn’t tall enough to fit the pin. Trying to avoid building a set of lift blocks (2X8’s and 2X4’s etc…) but if that’s the only way, I will go that route. I have an “A” frame that I can hang the front from, but it takes up too much room.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Why do you need a front lift? Just put it on the center stand and place a car jack under the sump gard to keep it from falling upwords.

This is how I did it when I removed both wheels to change the tires.
What he said.

Also, I do one extra security by tying a bungee cord from the foot of the center stand to the foot peg so the center stand does not accidently fold up when wrestling with the front wheel.
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