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Good morning from Long Beach, CA!

I am looking to tidy up / adjust some parts on the front end of my 2015 EFI Scrambler. Plans include:

headlight ears;
flat billet gauge cluster (perhaps even single gauge);
rectifier relocation;
bar end mirrors;
bullet style turn signals, and;
(eventually) changing out the handlebars to clean up all the wiring and such.

My question is, if anyone of you fine folks have a little time to spare, where to start. I am mechanically sound and have the time, but most likely will only do one change at a time due to spousal requirements to stay out of the garage! Without stranding my bike amid sessions, where would a solid starting point be? Fave supplier is British Customs but am very open to suggestions.

Thank you for reading / engaging with this post and have a wonderful day!!!

2015 EFI Scrambler
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