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Who else has noticeably rattly front disc's.When riding along a rough track like my dirt driveway it is very loud and annoying.They seem to rattle on the rivets that attach them to the spider.I sat on a brand new S3 in a dealer and held the brake on and pushed the bike back and forth and it also clunked and the owner/dealer/mechanic (3 in 1) said that is was normal.Mine was doing it when I got it at 16000K's and a mate of mine has 80000k's on his Honda rice rocket and his are still quit.!!
I also hear a ticking noise from the front when rolling slowly on a good smooth surface like a car park.I don't have a particularly quiet helmet and I don't wear ear plug's so I hear all the sweet sound's and some of the sh*tty ones too and untill I get Goldwing I don't have a stereo to turn up LOUD.


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