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Found some noteworthy bikes at the German forum, and thought I'd share. In no particular order...

Hm, never thought of painting the guage cups silver:

I always liked the Sunset Red. Note the Buell turn signals on this one, and is that a fat rear tire?

Cafe'd Bonnie with solo seat, rearsets, pipes, and front fender:

Note the headlight area on this one (thread with more pics):

Saving the best two for last, I'm not sure what I like more, the bike or the boots (thread, with pics that might get you in trouble if at work):

Sharks look great on this one (thread with more pics):

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The black thrux with shark pipes:
It's a tank cover, looks padded with cutouts for the fuel cap and tank badges. Further down the thread he's got picks of the bike with the cover off.

If anyone were to cut off the passenger pegs, that's the bike which makes the most sense. Passenger's rump really close to those pipes...

And the boots are cool.
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