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I made the mistake of dropping into a local dealer a couple of weeks ago, I then compounded that mistake by testing the new classics, and now I appear to have a Thruxton R sitting in my garage, and a bank balance that is a little lighter.

There have been lots of first impression threads on here which were very useful in getting me to part with my cash so I thought I would add to the pile.

The good-

I can't deny it the look of the thing was the first pull. It is just so much better to gaze at than any other bike I have ever owned. I think it might have to come inside the house on those long winter nights.
I don't usually change my bikes cosmetically at all, but this one is crying out for the tail tidy so that is on order.

Performance wise I am loving it. My Street Triple was a joy to ride and I did not expect the Thruxton to match it but it has. Maybe it is not quite so nimble but both bikes are way faster than I am, and both corner superbly. The extra Weight of the Thruxton gives it just a hint of muscle bike poise compared to the slightly flighty ST3. The deeper exhaust register adding to that feeling.

I often struggled to tell the difference When bike reviewers in the past have said things like 'Feels more planted', 'corners as if on rails' and 'confidence inducing feedback from the front'. However all those phases come to mind when I am on the Thruxton.

The surprisingly good -

OK I was kind of expecting all of the above but I wasn't expecting the brakes and clutch to be so good.

I have short fingers and often get a few aches and pains when doing a lot of lever work. So I am absolutely delighted with the way I can work this bike. The first ever single finger braking and single finger clutch machine I have had, and it is almost worth the upgrade for that alone.

The clutch in particular is a thing of beauty, not only does the torque assist unit make it the lightest I have ever used, but I can just pull it in once and click through the box down to any gear I want. There is none of the pulling up a a stop at the last minute in 6th and then having to go in and out with the lever to get back done to 1st. OK I am a bit sloppy with my ridding sometimes but this smooths that out nicely.

I am currently getting about 59mpg (UK) with a mix of motorway and B road riding which is better than I expected.

The balance of the bike at slow speed really surprised me. I guess it must have a pretty low centre of gravity. On the test ride at the first set of lights I grew a beard whilst deciding whether or not to put a foot down.

Niggles - most of these may well disappear when I get more used to bike.

I like to slide across a Seat when in corners, so would prefer a more slippery leather seat that is a little more rounded at the sides. It also picks up marks pretty easily.

I have found the throttle to be a bit 'on/off' at times but I guess I just need to get used to a twin again. Rain mode is surprising good for town ridding, the power is still there you just need to twist the throttle more, like riding my old lazy four cylinder. It certainly smoothes out the throttle.

The only Information in the left LCD I use regularly is the gear indicator so I wish it was bigger, it can be hard to see. With more and more infor being available on the LCDs these days bike manufacturers should follow the camera firms, and allow the user to customise the screen to display only what they want.

I am still getting used to the lower rev limit but I am sure it will come. Just need to use the box a bit more, the ST3 made me lazy.

All the extras I want are out of stock in the UK with no due date. Black mark against Triumph for that.

Questions -

My clocks are not the best lit at night. The tachometer in particular seems to have a bulb lighting up the right hand side of the Rev range but not the rest. Anyone else get this?

I need to carry stuff at times so have the nylon panniers on order. Anyone have them fitted? Would love to see pics of the rack and bags, I hope they don't spoil it too much.

Anyway before this waffle turns into a paperback I will just say that if you currently ride a street or speed and have stayed clear of the classics due to performance concerns, I don't think you need to anymore.

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Great post, thanks.

It makes me want one more than ever. *drool*
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