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Hi Folks,
I have the remains of an abandoned project on my patio and my wife wants it gone.
I have a complete rolling chassis and wheels with decent Avons. (all straight). handlebars, wiring harness and relays (no igniter or coils), stands, complete exhaust, cams, some valve shims, tail light, rear brakes, black side and tail section, rear fender, a Tbird sidestand and some other bits and pieces. Haynes manual which is a little dog chewed on the edges.
You can either pick up in San Francisco or pay shipping.
I don't want to take it to the scrap yard but I may have to if nobody wants anything.
P.M. me if you want a photo. or phone number.

I purchased this as a project with a blown motor. I bought a Tbird motor and used it for a while with plans to remove the motor after testing and flip the gear selector then drop in the six speed from the Trident motor. I got as far as pulling the Tbird motor then went back to my Ducati's. These T3 bikes turned out to be too big and heavy for me, too much hard work. I'm a little guy.

Let me know, the recycler is calling.

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