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Don, does the FPR mod have much effect on fuel consumption?
For those in Australia, using BP Ultimate 98 RON fuel does live up to the hype. After a few weeks my 03 Sprint perked right up. More seat of the pants power, snappier response, and better fuel economy. For 60-70c extra per tank it's worth every cent and more. I've been using it for a six months now and the engine feels like new which ain't too bad for 120,000km.

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Hi TT, With the stock tune air filter can and an 18 I was getting on average 51 USmpg. Funny thing was what very little slab flying I do she would get around 47.

Now I've put on the Trident stubbie retuned leaving the FPR mod I don't have a handle on the mpg yet because I can't keep my foot out of the carb.:D

The general thoughts I and my honored technical friends have is that the added FP does bring the FA up and a bit higher than the ideal, but the added pressure gives a better nozzle shot and more uniform spray pattern. We feel that this results in needing less throttle opening for any given situation. This is guess work but from my experence seems plausable and the guys I hang with feel so too. So, TIFWIW.

I can say my 51 mpg was solid and that's usually caneing her backside off.

One thin it won't do is give you more HP. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it gave a twitch less because a leaner mixture will give you the most. But it does greatly improve driveability filling the lean holes and boggs on the chart. You won't have the stuttering like on lower speed corners and accleration will be smoother.

If one has a TuneBoy/TuneEdit this would be the prefered way to properly tune the beast too. Make the FA ratio fatter with the extra FP then using the program lean back down to the ideal line. This way instead of enrichening up with stock FP you will still have the benefit of the harder nozzle shot.

Sorry for being long winded but others who are thinking about this may want to know my experence with this mod.


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As I mentioned in the other post, and bear in mind I did the Mod a couple years ago; IIRC, I gained several miles per tank after the mod.

But, the improvement in throttle response and starting would have been worth a slight loss.

So, it was a 'win - win' in my experience.

I keep wondering if the stock injectors could be replaced with something better. I see all the hype about this bike/car or that one with '12-hole' (or whatever) injectors. Heck, I have never seen the ones we use. They may have one hole, and spray like the gun on my water hose.

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