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Foul Weather Duds

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I got to try out some gear that I put together recently and thought I'd share the results. I've been trying to put together just the right collection of gear for the wintertime and I think I now have just the right combination of nostalgia and function to work with my T100. I bought an Aerostich Darien Falstaff Jacket in the brown color. As you may know, this is a waxed cotton version of their Cordura jacket with a similar name. Though it is made with the venerable waterproof "oil cloth", like the Belstaff and Barbour jackets of old, it incorporates armor, reflective panels, venting, and an ingenious system of pockets into it's design. It was comfortable as delivered and had just the right amount of room for me to put a 300 Polarfleece jacket underneath. The neck is large enough to accomodate both the upturned collar of the fleece and a wool scarf without making me choke or have difficulty turning my head. It was warm and comfortable throughout a 25 minute ride in 45 degree weather.

I also wore a pair of Belstaff Trial Master jeans on this ride. These too are made of waxed cotton and I have added Duluth Trading Company nail-on steel buttons for suspenders. These pants are large enough to wear over pants or just long underwear. There is a system of buttons and a strap-and-buckle arrangement to tuck the lower part of the pant's leg close to your calves/boots for a no-flap fit. Cool and practical. There is the generous use of double fabric in good places, as well as a liner to make slipping these pants on easier. With only a pair of thermal long handles underneath I was acceptably warm without losing freedom of movement. The only downside is that it is difficult to a fault to get these pants on over a pair of boots. Plan to put the boots on last...

The last item was a pair of Olympia Mid-Weight gloves. These gloves have a wind-proof liner and light insulation giving the rider decent warmth without bulk. They worked exactly as billed for me.

I tried a Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket and a Belstaff Trial Master and was not fully satisfied with the performance. Likewise I used nylon/GoreTex pants and was not really thrilled. However, this combo of the Aerostich Jacket and the Belstaff pants really worked for me. The Aerostich Falstaff is $327 at Rider Wearhouse and the pants are $139 from BelstaffUSA. (this site opens to a different pair of sure to select the Trial Masters). The best price I've found on the Olympia gloves is at NewEnough, though you can get them for just a couple of dollars more from Aerostich if you are going to order the jacket there.

Below is a photo of me in the jacket and pants (don't judge the gear by the model...I'm getting a little old and beat-up):

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Thanks for the info, I needed to find a decent set up to stay warm and appreciate yor input. and no, not to beat up.

Great report, thanks. Years ago I competed in Enduros and my Barbour suit was the best thing since sliced bread. Your kit looks very sharp! My gear is a mish mash of heavy leather, long johns, Triumph winter gloves, etc., but I've enjoyed riding most of this winter due to the crazy cold/warm cycles. I'm comfortable from above freezing, but prefer mid forties and above. Hopefully your post will entice folks to dress for the occasion and enjoy an extended riding season.


The last item was a pair of Olympia Mid-Weight gloves. These gloves have a wind-proof liner and light insulation giving the rider decent warmth without bulk. They worked exactly as billed for me.

Thanks for the info. 45 is the lowest I'll ride and only if I have my Gerbings electric jacket liner on. Like yourself my bike has no windshield. hands are uncomfortable regardless of the gloves I wear and I've tried them all. Electric golves work well but at best they are all a major PIA to hook up etc. I must say however that I am very surprised to read that a mid weight glove kept your hands comfortable at 45 degrees.

Hey Sheepdog, you might be getting old but you have a heck of alot more hair then I,ve got. :-D

Yeah, thats right...I have just as much hair as the next guy (I just happen to have a really large head).
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