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I have had no end of trouble over the years with boots. Started out with some £60 leather fasion boots that were great, waterproof, sturdy even padded at the ankle. Then got some Frank Thomas Aqua boots (£90) that I took back 3 times because they were not at all waterproof. Then got some Sidi couriers (£180, phew), they lasted 6 months before the sole wore through and I couldn't get them re-soled. They were great fun for dragging the metal toe caps and making showers of sparks!!! Now I have Redwing 970's (£130) which are great. Waterproof, hard wearing, all day comfortable, look good off the bike and after 14 months of almost continual wear still have a good sole.
I would highly recommend the Redwings, Chicks dig 'em too!! :-D

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