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i want to change my front footpegs from stock to these new adjustable ones
thing is the shop thats selling them is unsure if it will fit my 2015 boneville ( newchurch )
the avert listing states that it fits the triumph boneville from 2001-12 , he isnt prepared to say as he doesnt know.
the pics below show my bike and the forks of the adjustable footpegs and really i supose the question is to those in the know, is there any difference in the footpegs or chasis design of the footpegs different to my 2015 boneville ?
think you'd really need to know your bonnies to know this

i did ask the guy if they do one for my year specifically, he said no.
doesnt mean it wont fit , he isnt prepared to say it will . what do you guys think,is there any difference here between a 2012 bonnie and mine (2015) for the footpegs and fiting the adjustable ones i gues the clamp area might be different or pin hole etc ? what do you think? sorry about the oversized pics, just unsure wether to go for it and buy them or not without some experienced input. TIA
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