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hey guys,
well i screwed up. rode to work yesterday parking lot was full so i had to park in the old folks home, half way through my shift i caught an ol' lady about hit so i started it up real quick and moved it over to a more safe my bike runs real rich and i think this could have flooded my engine or fowled my pluggs because i went to start the bike an hours later and it just kept turning over and back firing. and like an idiot i kept messing with it. So i let it sit till this morning and i went back and luck.

so im headin out to get her loaded up and hauled home. im guessing the best thing to do is pull the tank off and pull the pluggs make sure they are not fowled and turn the engine over to get some of that gas out of it. Ive never had anything fuel injected flood on me. dont really know what to do.
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