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I recently purchased alarm for my Tiger. Found one called Sentinel 1100 with remote pager ( 1 way immobilizer alarm). Price was 85 UK Pounds.

I have decided to mount the alarm myself.
So bought Multilock 070 12pin, 2 way connector and 2 pin one including 14 pins total. 2 Diodes P600K ( 800V 6 Amp) (total cost 3 UK Pounds)
Then I located Triumph Alarm connector under seat cover and LED diode connector under front dash.
I have unplugged connectors and installed pins into these connectors according to Alarm documentation. 2 Diodes were used for Indicators, when alarm is operated. After 30 mins it was done including LED mounting into dash, installed siren under right side panel. Then I plugged the alarm into and .... It was working :-D

Tested everything, mounted back front dash, seat cover, luggage rack and seats.

Then I did a few test of the pager range.
While the bike was in garage I was able to reach it from 5th floor of the building I live in. On the street it was operating around 200-300 meters. I am happy that I now be aware on any alarm going on while up to 300 meters away from the bike or just at home, when I cannot actually hear it othewise.
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