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I've got a 2007 S3 which I'm going to Germany on in May. I think some more wind protection is in order as I'll be going fairly fast (one of the lads thinks 130mph is a sensible cruising speed).

I've been lookking at the Ermax and Puig screens, both of these are pretty expensive for something I'll probably use once. So I'm going to have a go at fitting a screen I have in the garage.

I think the Ermax screen attaches to the back of the clocks and the bracket between the lights, is this right?

Would I be able to fit a plate to the existing Triumph flyscreen one in the back of the clocks and leave the back open? or would I need to fit some sort of cover?

I'm offshore just now so I can't just have a look at my own bike, does anyone haev any photo's of the triumph or ermax brackets without the screen fitted? I'm thinking about making a bracket and bolting it to the screen at the clocks with another between the ligths.
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