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Hello all,

Just for general info, it's very easy to fit the GiPro DS gear indicator from Healtech to a Tiger 1050. I've attached a picture of it fitted. The indicator is the small black square displaying 0 next to the clock.

To fit you need to connect the plug to the diagnostics socket under the seat and connect to a switched power source. I connected it to the tail light. The manual says it should be connected to a power source that is switched off when the emergency stop is used, but I couldn't find one under the seat. It works fine switched off the key :)

The indicator is reasonably fast to show the gear you're in, takes almost a second to register a gear change. When you pull the clutch in it shows a - with about the same delay. I'm quite happy with it, saves me going the highway in 4th.

In the picture you can also see an electronic scottoiler, which works ok. Still getting used to that, it was fitted by the dealer from new.




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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